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Great Welds & Fabrication, LLC, Welding, Woodstock, GA

Looking for a mobile welder or metal fabricator? Great Welds & Fabrication, LLC was originally founded, in North Georgia, but has relocated to Metro Atlanta. We proudly serve many areas around North Georgia, Metro Atlanta, West Georgia, Atlanta and several surrounding areas. We are currently striving to serve all of Georgia and its surrounding states.

Great Welds & Fabrication, LLC is a full service welding and fabrication company, as well as a full service mobile Welding and fabrication company. We are fully equipped to provide: onsite welding / metal fabrication and welding / fabricating at our own facility. Great Welds & Fabrication, LLC is capable of: repairs, small jobs, mass production welding and fabrication, jobs that require compliance with the American Disability Act (ADA), and assists with bringing your projects and ideas together with welds.

Great Welds & Fabrication, LLC takes pride in our On-Site Welding/Fabrication equipment, with our fully equipped service trucks and our fully equipped welding/fabrication facility.

Great Welds & Fabrication, LLC is equipped and qualified to weld using different processes to include:

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Great Welds and Fabrication, LLC Mission Statement

Great Welds and Fabrication, LLC is a family owned, Christ driven Company that is dedicated and passionate about providing our customers: with outstanding customer service and craftsmanship that both our customer’s and our company can be proud of. We base all our work on our core values:


Core Values

  • Integrity: We value truth and honesty. Good integrity is vital in building trust with our customers.
  • Commitment: We pledge to fulfill our mission and be account able to our customers.
  • Work Ethic: We advocate a strong work ethic which is the foundation for producing excellent products.
  • Excellent Customer Service: We believe that a customer is not dependent on us, we’re dependent on the customer. With that in mind, exceptional customer service is guaranteed.
  • Dependability: We go above and beyond to ensure that we meet our customers’ needs and provide our services at the most critical times.


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